Wow! Have you seen the Eureka Riverwalk? Come on down and take a look at what allot of hard work and planning can accomplish right here in Eureka Montana. Completed now with interprative signs, park benches and fitness stations - the Eureka Riverwalk is designed to be enjoyed by all. The trail is open to walkers, bicyclists and wheelchairs only. The trail is maintained for year round use.

A great place to come and walk with the family and see nature at its best. Along the trail you can see a wide variety of animals as well as a wonderful place to watch birds.

With large trees overhanging high atop the trail one really gets a sense of peace on the trail. Early mornings will find many local residents on the trail enjoying what has become a true work of love by the community volunteers for this project.

The riverwalk started off as a dream by Andy Ivy, long time local physician in the area to read more about Andy's dream of a downtown riverwalk please CLICK HERE.

The trail would not have become a realty if it were not for the support of the County in planning & development and providing funding through the CTIP grant as well as The Lincoln Conservation District which secured a $10,000 grant for the Riverwalk through the Department of Natural Resources and Conservation.If you would like to donate money to help complete this project please click the donations link below.

With the exception of a steep strip of land that connects the riverwalk to U.S. 93 the property is owned by Lincoln Electric and InterBel Telephone Co-Ops.

We look forward to seeing you on the trail remember "take a walk on the wildside!"



Springtime on the trail
Grand Opening!

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